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I wrote the Math Riddle Book for my own third and fourth grade students, but decided to make it available to others in hopes that their students would enjoy it as much as mine have.  It seems to be more of a success than I could have ever imagined. 

Many sincere thanks to all who have written in to share their kind words and suggestions.  Take a look at the wonderful things people are saying about the Math Riddle Book!

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Good Morning Tim,

       I am a retired elementary teacher and I am tutoring several students.  One of them is homeschooled and I am his math tutor.  He is 12 years old and is still struggling with his addition and subtraction facts.  I've tried doing games with flash cards but they really haven't been effective.  However, I want to let you know that I've been giving him one of your math riddles for homework and when I ask him the next time I see him what the answer is, he smiles at the silly answer and says he likes them.

       I don't know if you have any other books similiar to the MathRiddles - but I 'd be interested in hearing about them.

       Have a good day,

   I just wanted to thank you for compiling the Math Riddle Book.  I'm a long term sub and my students love them and so do their parents.  When I use them (which is not every day, of course) they get excited about doing their homework.  What I love about the worksheets is that they are essentially self-correcting.  I started using them with the subtraction concept of 'borrowing across zero' because I knew that some kids were struggling with the concept.  Since they had to get the correct answer in order to solve the puzzle, they kept re-working their problems until they were correct rather than just adopting a 'get it done and I don't care if it's correct' attitude.  I did notice that the erasures in the first 5 problems were considerably greater than in the subsequent problems indicating that they 'got it'.

   Thanks again from me and the parents!  It's the best $20 I ever spent.

   Anne H.

Love Love Love your book! My kids can't get enough!  Please write more, more, more!!

   Ronda P.

Thank you very much for your prompt response!  I have been telling my co-workers about how great your book is and will now add what wonderful customer service you have.  Thanks again.

   Angela D.

   I didn't manage to get the e-mail and the name of the math games/activities book offered when I ordered your Math Riddles Book. Would you please at your earliest convenience, e-mail me the name and info needed to also order the games and activities? Thanks again. Your book is awesome!  


Webmaster note:  The Math Activities and Games Bonnie is talking about were written by my friend, Teresa Evans.  You can check them out here: Fun Math Games & Activities

I homeschool my kids (7 and 8 years old) and was looking for a good math curriculum supplement.  They need the math practice with subtraction, but subtraction drills in our workbooks got boring after awhile...my kids love the riddles.  It was a great investment.  Thank you.

   Dawn G.
   (Homeschool Parent)

   Hey Tim.  The Math Riddle worksheets are a hit with my third grade students. They really like the riddles and I like the practice it provides...It was well worth the money.  If you ever make a Math Riddle Book 2, please let me know...Keep up the good work. 

   Caren P.
   (Third Grade Teacher, Michigan)

Dear Tim,

     THANK YOU so much for your prompt response.  I really appreciate your assistance and I am looking forward to using your books as a resource to enhance our Math lessons and practice.  Thank you again.

   ~ Pilar :o)

Hi Tim,

I wanted to know if you had any new riddle books or another variety, the first one I ordered has been a hit with the students. 


My 10 year old loves these! Actually pulls them out himself and starts working on them. Itís really helping him to memorize multiplication, a tough spot for him.

Thank you, for a way to make them love math!

Do you have any others?!


Thank you!  Oh my third graders adore the riddles.  I introduced them today as "if you get done" work.  Students were so excited.  Two students finished the first five riddles today!


Thank you so much for your quick reply!  I work at a cyber school, so having it on my computer is essential.  I had no trouble downloading it today:) Thanks again for you speedy reply!  My students are going to love these riddles and secret codes.  It really makes math practice much more interesting.



Thank you for creating such fun, motivating pages for my students.  I just couldn't reach some of my fourth graders until I gave them their first riddle page. Now, they beg for them, even for the weekends!  They are getting such great practice, and fun riddles to share with their family.
Again, with much thanks,

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