Multiplication Poem

Hello, my third grade teacher friend.
It's time to teach multiplication again!

Those pesky twelves, fours, sixes, eights, and sevens,
Are never as easy to teach as ones, fives, twos, and elevens.

In my class, we play Multiplication card games, like Top-it and War,
And we play multiplication dice games, domino games, and more!

My kids love to play multiplication bingo day after day.
They keep begging, "Can we PLEASE play it again today?"!

Christmas time rolls around, and each student receives a present from me.
It's a deck of multiplication flashcards... Theirs to keep... for free!

There's a 5 minute timed-test every Tuesday and Thursday.
We do this week after week, from December 'till May!

In my weekly parent newsletter, I write:
"Be sure you practice multiplication facts with your kids tonight!"

And, oh, those cheesy tapes that can make a teacher sick:
Multiplication Rock, Multiplication Rap, and Let's Learn the Nines Trick!

On the back of the homework, there's 50 basic facts each night.
By late-May, most of the class is finally getting them all right.

And lately, in the computer lab, I'm pulling out my hair....
I'm so tired of Timez Attack, MultiFlyer Multiplication, and Flash Cards on Build-a-Bear!

Multiplication Mum Ball, Multiplication Tournaments, Multiplication Bingo again!
I think, finally, they all know their twelves!  Amen!

At last, when the kids are gone, and it's the end of the school year,
I know, if nothing else, my kids know their multiplication facts.  I have no fear!

But I know, when September rolls around,
Those annoying 4th grade teachers will come down.

Just as they do every year, they'll visit us third grade teachers down here,
And say, "Our kids don't know their basic muliplication facts."
"Did you teach multiplication last year?"

Multiplication Poem
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